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"The testament of Don Quijote. Songs for bass, baritone and harpsichord/piano" (2020) [Francisco de Quevedo, Miguel Cervantes, Konstantinos Karyotakis, Erich Fried]
World Premiere: State Theatre Braunschweig 29.6.23
Zachariah N. Kariithi (bar), Jisang Ryu (bs), Alexis Agrafiotis (harpsichord/pno),

Hail Queen (2009)
For four-part children's choir

2 songs for baritone and piano (2008) [Amal Al-Jubouri]
I. Diaspora II. Tuning into the strings of loneliness
World Premiere: Lars Grünwoldt (bar), Yoriko Ikeya (pno), BKA, Berlin

Wohnzimmer (2006) [Elke Erb] for mixed choir with cd or organ
World Premiere: Berlin (Villa Elisabeth) 7.11.2006
Ensemble of the "Sing-Akademie zu Berlin"; Conductor: Kai-Uwe Jirka

5 Songs for tenor and piano (2002) [Paul Celan]
I. The shock of silence | II. Heddergemüt | III. In the noises | IV. Walls of speech | V. Day-time throwing
World Premiere: Athens (Greek-American Union) 22.4.2004, Georg Kyriasis (ten), Dionysos Malouchos (pno)

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